The Culture
Of Ceaseless

It’s not about Ideas. It’s
about making Ideas happen.

Ceaseless Academy

Training and consulting center, provides graphic, architecture design courses, and workshops that contribute in changing peoples’s life to a better life and opining new opportunities to them in the business world.

Ceasless2b Agency

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A multidisciplinary agency provides marketing solutions like strategic paling, social media management, logo and brand identity design, website design.

Solutions that help build a commercial interface to make a business known and achieve convergence between the companies and their customers to achieve our customers’ requirements and create an integrated working environment based on the commitment and effectiveness of the work within the vision aims to improve the content of marketing and gain the confidence of the values ​​of customers.


We Never Abandon


Originality is where we pour our soul into. that makes unexpected twists to every project.


No secrets. We work closely with our partners to create projects of value. to make solutions that last.


Our promises are main duty. will give it
our all. and Building success is our


We believe that the more diverse our
teams get, the more success we can
achieve together.


We love what we do. we were born to do it. new challenges are met with enthusiasm.


We have our own recipes. which is done in the most excellent way. details matters.

Bundle of Attributes


All the member of our team are experts in their fields, and love what they do. We have members from very various nationalities. The diversity in ceaseless is a core value for creativity.



Working is not the right word of how we feel about our jobs in ceaseless, but we play, enjoy, and express ourselves.



We have our own recipes.
Which is done in the most
excellent way. Details
matters. Thus, excellency is
a core value of Ceaseless we
do our best to give the most
perfect work possible.


Provide innovative and marketing solutions and help our clients to grow their businesses. Effective integrated digital Solutions.

Meet The Team

Yazan Alterkawi

Branding Specalist
General Manager
of Ceaseless2B

Ahamed Ojali

Board Member
Management Consultant

Mokhles Alnazer

Board Member
Marketing Consultant

Sevda kamuya

Projects Coordinator
Financial Affairs Administration

Mhd Osama Bandar


Tarek Alsawwa

Graphic Designer
 Motion Graphic

Bahaa Hawari

UI/UX Designer

Yousuf Alessa

Brand Developer
Graphic Designer
Video Editor

Alaa Almasry

Graphic Designer

Bashir Ghaze

Graphic Designer
Web Designer
E-Marketing Specialist

Haider Mami

Graphic Designer

Eyad Siwar

Graphic Designer
E-Marketing Specialist

Majd Almohtade

Graphic Designer
UI-UX Designer
E-Marketing Specialist

Ahmad Aljokhadar

Graphic Designer

Alaa Sheh Amin

Graphic Designer
Motion Graphic Designer
E-Marketing Specialist

Mohammad Al Hariri

Graphic Designer

Fares Sakor

Graphic Designer

Hamza Aljind

Graphic Designer
E-Marketing Specialist

Majd Sweed

Graphic Designer

Mahran Dasouki

Graphic Designer

Abdulwahab Ahmed

Graphic Designer

Laila Idris

PR & Content Creator

Ismat Haidar

Illustrator & Calligrapher

Yousif AlTalli

Team Leader
Graphic Designer

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Merkez Mh. Hasat Sk. No:52, 34381 Sisli/Istanbul - Turkey.


+90 534 792 4219
+90 537 288 3100

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